AfroWorld started a long way back in Berlin, Germany. Founded by Thomas Brckmann, a German Philantropist married to a Nigerian Lady. He had the idea of introducing a new and easy way of getting SkinCare products to people in the most incredible way possible.

AfroWorld with the smooth slogan “Afro to the World” is a beautiful name created by the fresh ideas of Mr Thomas, He created the name that way because his target was to reach out to the African Market, bringing beautiful and amazing SkinCare Products to people in West Africa, South Africa and other parts of Africa at large.


Our Products is majorly meant for people in Africa, to increase black power and Self-Worth, This is a beautiful step to show forth what we are capable of achieving with the right exposure and handful opportunity and also look awesome doing that. We are here to give you High-Class Products, Products that are kept from Reaching the African Market. Our goal is to bring it straight to you at a really good price.